Rescue Success Stories

Ice was originally found and brought into rescue care by a local Siberian Husky rescue group doing work in southern Wisconsin. At the time he was tied outside looked a bit unkempt.

Ice moved to the farm with his original "dad" when he moved in with his girlfriend at the time. Sometime after that, the two of them broke up, and "dad" left the dog with his ex-girlfriend. She had kept him outside but hadn't kept up with heartworm medication (among other things). At some point, Ice bit a delivery person and was confined to 10-day isolation; we suspect he was found to have heartworms there. The owner was convinced to turn the dog over to rescue for placement. Just before his heartworm treatment he had an anal sac burst.

After his heartworm treatment was over, he was adopted by John who had lost Bear a few months earlier. Ice had shown signs of separation anxiety after being adopted, but was been a faithful companion after moving to his new home.

Later in life, Ice was joined by his younger brother Czar; the two of them got along great from day one (even though they had never met previously--Czar was 2 years younger than Ice).

At age 10 1/2, Ice was diagnosed with diabetes. His mother suffered from the same ailment. It took a bit to get his insulin dosage right, but it didn't get him down much. Another year after that, he tore a CCL (rear leg ligament) that required surgery to repair. That one took a bit longer to get his mobility back, but he kept going.

A few months before his 13th birthday, he started having bloody noses. That was not a good sign--this likely was caused by tumors in the nasal cavity that eventually affected brain function. He lived 13 years and 5 weeks, a good life after a rough start.