Rescue Success Stories

Bear in the kennel at his previous home, happy that anyone is coming to visit.
Bear trying to get the squirrel that ran up the maple tree at Bear's new home.

Bear was actually an "exchange" from a pet store (the first dog was diagnosed with hip displasia--we're not sure what happened to that dog). Bear's original owner had to give him up because of a divorce he was going through, so Bear moved in with his owner's parents. He was never allowed in the house, though, so he was always kept in an outdoor kennel run. Grandchildren would come visit and play with Bear, and Bear was thrilled to have some companionship. Often, though, he'd jump up on them, scratch the kids, and everyone got upset at him.

Bear was went to the rescue group after a few months and was placed very quickly. After living indoors with regular contact with people in his life, he settled down a lot (although he still jumps up on people every once in a while).

Bear was diagnosed as hypothyroid fairly early on in life; levothyroxin treatment twice a day did amazing things for him. Unfortunately, in October 2001, familial glomerulonephritis got the best of him. With no prognosis for a healthy recovery, he was put down on October 8. He was a terrific companion and will be greatly missed.