Rescue Success Stories


A Tale of Tobie

Tobie was a puppy store dog - and most likely an impulse buy for his first owner. By the time he was 16 months old Tobie had spent most of his life in a crate. When his owner became ill another family member took Tobie in. Unfortunately, a dog who has lived in a crate doesn't have many manners or social skills - with people or other dogs. After a few days in an unfamiliar place with several other dogs, Tobie was unceremoniously dumped at a local shelter.

That's when Playing Again Sams entered the picture. They 'sprung' Tobie from the shelter and placed him in a foster home with 3 other Samoyeds. There Tobie learned how to play with other dogs. In fact, Tobie did not know how to play at all! Over the next few months Tobie learned about being a dog - playing, living outside a crate, being around humans, running with a pack.

Tobie was eventually adopted by a couple in Colorado. His new "Mom" flew to Wisconsin and drove the crate-averse dog back to Colorado. Now residing in Denver, Tobie found a home where he is well-loved. His adoptive family writes:

Tobie is part of the family. We cannot imagine not having him here. He is the happiest dog you will ever meet. He loves everyone - other dogs, cats, kids, anyone he meets he considers an instant friend. (He does however have one tormentor: Mistee the Cat - who will stare down Tobie and send him into a state of barking frenzy!).

He sings when he gets up in the morning and tells us about his plans for the day: Sleeping in the sunshine in the backyard, sharing rawhides with his Keeshond dog-brother, playing with his best-dog friend next door, or just hanging out. Tobie loves the snow in the winter and the sprinklers (and his pool) in the summer. He is a dog for all seasons and a complete clown who has a perpetual smile.

It has taken a lot of work (as any dog would) - but Tobie is on his way to being a mature well-adjusted dog. When he first came to us, his ears were always back and he was nervous and obviously quite anxious. Now his ears are up and he is ready for whatever comes. He is an AWESOME walking dog and is currently doing 'modeling work ' for a local photographer.

Tobie needed people in his life who thought he was important and worth the investment - and we do!