Rescue Success Stories

Tasha & Sergei

Tasha and Sergei were found as strays together way up in Ashland, WI and were finally placed together after several months in the home they were waiting for.

We wanted to email and update everyone on Tasha and Sergei now over 2 months in their "forever"home. They did GREAT at obedience class and graduated last Monday. Special treats and diplomas...this picture we attached is after their early morning run and waiting for their treats. We have so enjoyed both of them and they seem so happy to be together, running in our fenced in back yard--no rabbits or squirrels in our yard yet this winter but wait till summer. THANKS Maria for all your support and effort for T&S...really ALL rescue samoyeds. Jill, thanks for fostering T&S. They really adapted well to our home after having such a loving home to begin in. Also Deb B(Madison) for coming for a home visit. Thanks for everyone`s help enjoy reading alll the emails... Mike, Jan, Tasha and Sergei