Rescue Success Stories


Natasha was rescued from an animal shelter in Superior Wisconsin. The Superior Police Department had picked her up as a stray after receiving complaints of a dog wandering the aisles and parking lot of a local retail establishment. Originally thought to be about 3 years old, further examination showed her to be just a great big (80 pound) one year old puppy. Quite the wild child, Natasha arrived with no manners, many bad habits, unhousebroken with Lyme's Disease and diarrhea. WOW. At the same time, Ann and Bill, a middle aged couple from a rural area in southern Wisconsin, were coping with grieving the death of one of their aging shephard/malamute mixes and were interested in rescue. Perhaps love can't conquer all, but it certainly worked its magic here. In spite of her challenges, Natasha's new family adores her and she's responded by slowly calming down and beginning the process of settling into life as a happy, well-adjusted family pet. Every day it seems she's just a little more trusting, a little more loving, a little friendlier and funnier. She's even doing well in obedience school. Definitely a happy ending. . . or beginning.