Rescue Success Stories


In March of 2004, seven year old Bailey was surrendered to the St. Croix Humane Society near the Twin Cities by a very tearful man who loved his dog a great deal, but could no longer keep him because of his living situation. Luckily, the shelter called Playing Again Sams right away. As can plainly be seen Bailey is a beauty and he was very well cared for. His owner had had him groomed and up to date on all his vaccinations before he brought him to the shelter. Luckily Amy, Bruce and their children were looking for a samoyed about he time he came into rescue so home he went with them. Here is an update from Amy and Bruce:

Hi- just an update on Bailey. He survived his first "day" alone. We all went back to school and work on Tuesday. I went home at lunch and he had behaved - no accident, nothing chewed. He was happy to see me and we played in the yard. He is a smart dog and uses his selective hearing frequently, but doesn't get away with it. I keep telling him I'm a mother and a teacher and his "hearing problems" won't work on me. He just smiles and wags his tail. His "worst" behavior is that he wants to sit on the couch, but only when he thinks no one is around. So he knows he isn't supposed to be there, but does it anyway thinking he won't get caught. He came to my classroom and met the students. He was well behaved, tolerated all their attention and refused to do any tricks until someone slipped him a cheeto! He loves his bones and the Easter bunny brought him 2 new ones and a "baby" (a stuffed pig) that he likes to squeek. We feel very fortunate to have found the "perfect" dog. Thanks again. Amy and Bruce