Rescue Success Stories

Less than two weeks before the above photos were taken, Zephyr was found in a ditch by the road too weak and emaciated to even stand. He was taken to the Marathon County (Wausau) shelter by the police department. They couldn't tell what he was except that he was white. About the same time that we heard about him Paula, Bill, Kaylee and Taylor called looking for a dog. Like it often happens in rescue, we felt that this dog and this family belonged together. Though we were worried that we could lose him while at the shelter, he did start eating and as soon as his stray period was over, Todd, PAS's incredible volunteer, brought him home and cleaned him up and gave him probably his first really human hugs.Two days later he found himself surrounded by two beautiful girls and their parents waiting to lord over him. Everybody who met him along the way was astounded by his gentleness AND his need to belong. I swear, it is palpable.