Rescue Success Stories


Taww, Chris and Brenna up north at Camelot Lake - which is ironically only about ten minutes from Wisconsin Rapids - which is where he originally came from. He absolutely loves it up there - so perhaps he realizes he is back on his home turf!

"Taww surprising me - Chris typically leaves him lay in the front to wait for me to come home. Of course, I pull in and there he is enjoying life from the lounge chair! He seems to love it and knows exactly how to get in without tipping it over!"
Sent by his first owner into the humane society at the tender age of two. Rejected after a couple of months by his first adoptive home because it was apparent they did not understand or encourage his sensitive personality. Back into foster care he went until he was discovered by Todd, Chris and Taww's own little person, Brenna. Another match made in heaven!

"Taww is doing great. He seems to love presiding over his yard and generally just enjoys the great outdoors. Funny the contract arrived the week as we were in WI Rapids at the cottage. So, it was sort of like a homecoming for him and we didn't even know it. But you could tell by the smile on his face as he ran through the corn fields that he was having the time of his life.

"Taww took to his home with ease. He is a wonderful companion for Brenna and a great dog for us. It is a treat to watch him in the backyard. He just lounges in the front yard under the tree and pays no mind to his tether. "