Rescue Success Stories

Originally sold for $50.00 Panda had been through 3 homes before she came to ours. The third home decided to drop her off in a field or park in Twin Lakes, WI and leave her there to fend for herself. She was found wandering around and was picked up. When she was picked up she was wearing her tags from her 1st owners. They were contacted, but they decided to wait to call Samoyed Rescue until the last day (the 14th day) when Panda was scheduled to be put down.

Maria then called us to pick up Panda and foster her. We were shocked because we had only been aware of WI Samoyed Rescue for 7 days and Twin Lakes was minutes away. How could this be happening so fast and so close to home? We must be the luckiest people ever. It took forever for the day to go by and I knew that I was already in love even before we left to get her. As we pulled up to the Twin Lakes kennel, otherwise known as the wastewater treatment facility for the town, I saw the most beautiful gray Princess with the traditional Samoyed "Hello" smile on her face. From the minute we put the leash on to her jumping up into my car as though she had done it 10,000 times before, it was love at first sight. Even though her sight was blurred because of Distichtia her heart was open and so was ours.

Our Princess "Panda Bear" knew she had found her forever home when she walked through the front door of our house and made it her own. We cannot imagine what life would be like without her now. There isn't a word emotionally powerful enough to express the love, admiration, trust and bond we have come to know with our Panda. Originally sold for $50.00? Boy did we win!! She's worth a MILLION!!!!!