Rescue Success Stories

We were alerted to the sad story of Natasha (previously known as Shiloh), by Sandy in yorkie rescue. Natasha was being used as a breeding dog in very squalid conditions on a small operation puppymill farm in eastern IA. We were told that Natasha was possibly blind. When we got her, she was worse than blind. She was missing an eye having had it removed by the sad excuse of a human being and it hadn't healed properly. Bill and Joyce lovingly fostered her. When she was spayed, they found she was carrying 3 puppies. Her missing eye had to also be repaired. But Natasha - despite her treatment - retained her incredible sammy spirit and she was immediately snatched up by the Sutton family in MI. Sam, their other sammy, was her seeing eye dog initially. But Natasha now is running all over and Sam has to follow her on the walks. Between Sam and Natasha there is 200 lbs of sammy love.