Rescue Success Stories

Word came from a fellow rescuer about an "older" girl in a shelter in Iowa who was running out of time, and how hard it was for an old dog in a shelter to get adopted. Old? At 5-6 years old? A sammy! NOT! Bill, a wonderful foster daddy, drove out to IA to pick up Jenni (previously known as Frosty). She had been picked up as a stray and was said to be very sweet. The shelter spayed her and removed a growth on her eye. But they also shaved her for fleas!? And it was January! Jenni was fostered by Bill and Joyce and of course they kept proclaiming that she was "really something!" Pamela saw her photos and looking into those eyes, she thought so too. Within a couple of weeks Jenni joined Pamela and Michael - just before their wedding and now Pamela and Michael and Jenni are one happy family.

As a side note, Jenni was named in honor of Jennifer Fountain, from the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT, who once again with her Animal Rights Fund made a very generous donation to Playing Again Sams of WI.