Rescue Success Stories


QTip and Dusty at Pe tlicious. Dusty is on the right.

Dusty was an owner surrender and came to us in good condition. Regardless, he fell into the total lap of luxury with Todd and Lisa and shares his home with QTip and an older springer boy, and lots of kitties. He is a true gentleman and a great catch!

"Dusty is doing really well. He went to his first obedience class. So far he seems to know a lot of commands, we keep discovering new things that he knows. He does need to work on listening with distractions, but that is to be expected, especially with everything so new to him. He went to the groomers last week and looks awesome now! He loves to ride in the car, and acts very well behaved. He gets plenty of exercise, usually a 2 mile walk in the morning, then in the afternoon we run for 2 miles, (He trots, I wheeze) then in the evening we walk again for anywhere from 2 - 4 miles, which he loves because at night the rabbits are out! The other dogs get dropped off at home, and he just wants to keep going and going!
He seems really happy, and is starting to understand that we are his family. At obedience class, the teacher took him out in the room to demonstrate something, and he kept looking at us wanting to come back "where he belongs".

Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful dog. Lisa"