Rescue Success Stories

Sebaschun, after his first bath in several years.

Adopted by God

In July, we got called by someone needing to give up their dog because they didn't have time for it anymore. How much time does an 11.5 yo dog need who has lived outside his entire life?? His name was "Sebaschun."

He wasn't neutered either. From the beginning, we were very hesitant about neutering a dog that old. I wrote several rescue lists worrying about it and many people responded that they had no problems. But we put off the neutering. He did have bad teeth and gums though and he had even lost a couple (the fresh bone way of teeth cleaning). A vet looked at his teeth and told Deb, Sebastian's foster mom, that he really, really needed to have his teeth cleaned. So we discussed it and decided that since he seemed to be a particularly strong old boy, that we would then do the neutering at the same time. We started him on a regiment on antibiotics.

For three weeks he was a happy indoor dog who wouldn't leave his foster mom's side. He had the companionship of another oldster boy during the day. He went on lots of walks and met lots of people who oohed and aahed over him, and he got 2 baths in a couple of weeks. He went from a frog to a beautiful prince. And we started spelling his name the right way. A few days after his surgery, he was going to meet his possible new family.

We did everything right. We had the previous owner vet him and also do a pre-anesthetic panel on him. We red tagged the file - no sulfa drugs and no acepromazine. But despite all our precautions and valiant efforts, Sebastian didn't make it through the surgery. When they put him under with the anesthetic, and his big heart stopped. It just wasn't supposed to happen this way. Sadly, this could have happened to any dog and it was a first for Playing Agains Sams.

He was buried next to another rescue boy and he will remain in our hearts for a long time. Many, many thanks to Deb his foster mom who showed him what it means to be loved and cared for.

Run free Sebastian with all your new friends. It was such a privilege to have given you those very special 3 weeks. You had the best home of everyone. You were adopted by God.