Rescue Success Stories

Julie and Jack

In May of 2002, Rock County HS in Janesville contacted the WIdogrescue list about their shelter getting overly crowded and a couple of dogs needed to get out to make room. They had already been there several months and no one was looking at them. One of those dogs was Jack who was listed as an American Eskimo. On a whim, i checked on that dog and decided he looked sammy enough to help. Julie and her family had unfortunately had to put their previous dog down because he had accidentally scratched someone and their insurance company was going to drop them and they were despondent and needing another dog. Julie was going to foster Jack, but it was love a first sight. Jack has brought back a lot of happiness to this previously very sad home.

"I can't believe that nobody wanted Jack - so far he is absolutely amazing! He loves to be outside and he loves to cuddle. He follows us around everywhere. Russ and I got him together with Russ' dog, Buck, who is a Golden Retriever and they had a blast! They were really good together. My niece was also over yesterday and he was fine with her. He does get excited when he wants to play and perhaps that was too much for other kids. I can't wait for you to meet him - you'll just fall in love with him. Jack has stolen my heart... Can I keep him??? Please let me know how I can officially adopt Jack. He has been such a blessing, thank you so much for helping us find each other." Julie... and Jack too!