Rescue Success Stories

Willow (on the left) wandered into a farmer's yard back in south central IA. He liked this perky girl and wanted to keep her, but when she had puppies, he took her to the humane society. The humane society in Oskaloosa kept Willow until the puppies were weaned and without further ado, she traveled through Chicago to become a most treasured member of the Hawley family in Milwaukee. Last year the Hawley family adopted Snowball (on the right) who was 9 years old and Willow respectfully attacks Snowball's neck to get her to play. Snowball grunts and moans and pretends to be put out but it is apparent that she too loves this little girl as much as the rest of the family does. As Leanna has said, "She is such a wonderful dog and so well behaved. She loves to play frisbee in the yard and acts like a wild woman. I have taught her to sit, lay down and sneak up (she belly crawls). She is so loveable. I don't know what our family did without her. She is such a doll."