Rescue Success Stories

Kody's fuzzy face, along with Monica and Dave.

KaeSea and Kody together. KaeSea is on the left in both pictures.

First there was one.....

Back during the summer of 2001, David and Monica had to put down their aging and sick chow. When they went looking for another dog, they had been thinking about a samoyed. During that same time, Kody was an owner surrender - typical story. He was a dog handed from one person to the next in the past many years and finally relegated to the backyard. When his owner was getting married and moving, he asked Playing Again Sams to help place Kody. He couldn't even be sure how old Kody was - anywhere from 8-10 and B-I-G. Monica and David swept down to Madison from Green Bay to whisk this big boy away.

Kody did need a certain amount of rehab as he had a difficult time going up and down the stairs and walking well. But with Monica and David's loving care, they really turned this boy around though he still has some problems with his hips.

Around Christmas of 2001, PAS was contacted about a B-I-G nine year old girl at the Manitowoc shelter. She was being considered a neglect case as her owners who had adopted her had stuck her in the back yard. On a whim and a prayer, I contacted Monica and David to see if the might be willing to help as the shelter was very near them. Not only were they willing, but they released KaeSea from her incarceration and brought her home on Christmas Eve! They were so excited with the opportunity they considered KaeSea their Christmas present. But it didn't end there. When I alerted them to a possible home for KaeSea, they informed me she was already home. Ah the bane of fostering!

KaeSea and Kody are peas in a pod though Kaesea turned out to be really around 3. And she too is R-E-A-L-L-Y B-I-G but very beautiful. So rewarding was the experience for Monica and David they said that they still had enough room to foster should a dog become available in their part of the state!