Rescue Success Stories

Cheyenne came to us the end of June shaved pink like a pig with skin infections and tumors and weighing 88 lb. She was, no exaggeration, half dead but still with a spark in her eyes. She was also somewhere between 7-8 yo; we're not sure. She wasn't quite ready to be adopted or so we thought until Katherine from Florida heard me speak of her. She somehow knew that she was the dog she wanted; a dog she could take care of. I also want to thank Rich from Florida Resq for understanding that all the dogs need good homes, even if they're in somebody else's territory.

On Saturday, Sept. 1st, 2001, Katherine flew up to Milwaukee from Tampa, spent the night, and Chayenne who was being fostered 4 hours from Milwaukee was brought down Sunday morning and Katherine flew back a few hours later with her precious cargo.

I had no idea what a long journey Cheyenne had traveled recuperating with her foster parents (many, many thanks to Keith and Laurie LaSee for insisting on rescuing this girl). She has turned out so beautiful and happy and sweet. It was a privilege to have given her a second chance. And Katherine reports that she could never have imagined a more perfect companion!