Rescue Success Stories

In December of l999, Kathy took in a neglected samoyed who was 1.5 yo at the time. Wolfie had been purchased for a very small child when he was a puppy. While he was little and cute he was well cared for and loved, but as he grew too big and strong for the little girl and her single mother, he was put in the back yard to live in a kennel on a cement slab. Kathy's son moved into the house next door and saw that he was not fed and watered regularly and had no house. He lived in the base of a pet porter with no cover and as the weather turned to fall kathy's son worried about him in the rain and snow with no shelter. Kathy's son and daughter-in-law sneaked food to him at night and gave him some attention. They asked the law enforcement to help but they wouldn't do anything. Kathy got up her nerve and called her offering to take him and she jumped at the idea. She said that he was too big and strong and that they had lost interest in him. Kathy called Playing Agains Sams and he was put up on the website. Margaret and Marty, from Fairbanks, AK saw him, and were completely smitten.

On July 3rd, 2000, Wolfie flew up to Fairbanks. He's been a little of a project dog :) getting the housebreaking under control, and getting over his fear of strangers, but who can blame this big, beautiful guy when he had such a hard time that first year and a half of his life. Margaret, Marty and Wolfie now are making beautiful music together.