Rescue Success Stories

Tundra was a 6 yo boy surrendered for no good reason. He was great with children though the family never did anything with him - not even taking him for walks. The owner had started day care in her home and just didn't what the extra "work" of the dog - and it was really her husband's dog. I really liked this adoptive family....upon meeting Tundra for no more than about half hour, Laurie kept saying, "I feel like I won the lottery!" The update on Tundra was written 2.5 months after he joined their family.

Tundra is doing just great. He is like the highlight of our lives. Over Thanksgiving we had John's whole family over and they all fell in love with him. He does have that initial "charge at the person coming in the door and try and kiss their face", so I guess I could understand the difficulties the other owners would have if they constantly had people at their house with an in home daycare. Some people are just not dog people and I too would be a little frightened if a big dog came charging at me and started to reach for my face. But he doesn't want to hurt anyone (which, of course, they don't know) and he settles down rather quickly and basically goes off and does his own thing. Good watch dog (hee hee).

I guess we have been searching for reasons why someone would want to give him up. But we haven't found any. The wonderful part is when we have a horrible day at work, we come home to this puppy that is so excited and happy to see us, we forget about our worries. He's really a joy to have.

We are also getting used to being first time dog owners. Like the toilet paper addiction thing or any dirty Kleenex in the garbage or, just the garbage in general thing. We also have to beware of the counter surfing thing. Dogs this large can easily and smoothly, when you least expect it, snatch dinner right off the counter. He grabbed a Turkey leg from the plate on Thanksgiving and a bunch of cookies that were cooling on the counter around Christmas time, but I think he suffered from that more than we did (he got the runs). So we are getting use to having eye's behind our back. He's such a goof.

Tundra loves his walks. He prances around like king of the earth. I'm usually all bundled up like a little Eskimo and he's just bouncy and happy as can be about the bone-chilling cold.

No dog is hugged more than he is. Everyone gives him big hugs all the time. I will pick up our cat and put him on my shoulder and hug him, and John will pick up Tundra and put him on his shoulder and hug him. Tundra must think we are strange people. I'll have to take a picture of John holding Tundra and send it to you - it's so funny.