Rescue Success Stories

Spencer just out of the groomer's.
Kathleen and Spencer-finally pampered!

Back in February of 2000 I was contacted via e-mail by someone wanting to give up their 7 yo unneutered male - a supposedly very pampered dog - bec they were going to have a baby in Aug. Iwrote samfans at that time requesting book titles for integrating children and dogs. Sent them all the information. Never heard back from them.

In April, I got a phone call from a woman who had recently adopted an 8 yo unneutered male - she was recently divorced and wanted a dog around but this dog just needed way too much attention and he got on her nerves; I discussed the usual things; learn more about the breed, obedience, LOTS of exercise, GETTING HIM NEUTERED. This dog started sounding familiar. I asked if the previous owners had tried to contact me - she said no. But i went to my computer that night and sure enough, it was the same dog. I told this janice that if she wanted me to take him, she would have to neuter him, send me info for my website, and that she would have to keep him until we found a home. It was a period in which I was overwhelmed with dogs.

A few weeks later, with several dogs placed, I decided to try and run down this dog (still didn't even know his name). I called this Janice back and asked her why she hadn't sent me any info for my website. She said she found a home for the dog. I expressed that I hoped it was a good home and possibly, I could have the phone # so that I could call them and help in the future. She said she sent my # with them and that they could call me if they needed. I felt really bad about having lost track of this boy. He sounded like he could have been a difficult dog.

Fast forward to June 16th. I get a call from the WI hum soc about an 8 yo samoyed that would need PAS to pull him. He was surrendered bec "he never wanted to come in the house and when they would try to get him, he would growl." This hum soc only calls breed rescue when they have dogs "with issues." When I went the next day to pull him, a fuller story revealed that this was the original dog from back in February. The second woman, janice, who said she had placed him with a family with children instead dumped him in the hum soc. The hum soc made a placement (obviously not a good one), and he ended coming back; well at least, he was now neutered but if I didn't take him, he was going down.

Spencer is quite hyper for an 8 yo. But we assume as we always do, that he is trying to relive a puppyhood he never had. Yep, when the first couple contacted me they told me how much he had been the center of their lives for 7 years. BS!! I never believe it anymore - because if it were true they would NEVER consider giving the dog up 6 mos before they had a baby.

Story isn't over yet. The day I pulled Spencer from the hum soc, he was a stinking mess, I took him immediately to a groomer who allowed me to groom him up and be beautiful. I took him home, went for a walk while waiting for the foster home to pick him up. Coming off the bike path I go to visit some neighbors to say hello only bec they were out working in the yard.

John and Kathleen have a very elderly dog, a springer mix who was out in the yard and the two dogs began some play bowing. Well, who would have thunk they had been thinking about a 2nd dog, and who would have ever thunk they loved sams. Yep, within a few days Spencer went home to the couple in my neighborhood.

Spencer should have been renamed serendipity!