Rescue Success Stories

Simba with his new family.
Teddy, after winning a prize.

Simba's story begins when he was found at a truck stop as a stray in Minnesota. A truck driver with a big heart took him home because the kids were teasing him. However, because of the work schedule, Simba was left tied outside with very little attention. A caring soul took him in, determined to find a good loving home for this sweet boy.  Unsuccessful, Samson found his way to Playing Again Sams - all this and Simba probably wasn't older than two.  The Korn family had just lost Teddy (a wonderful rescue they had adopted the year before) through what we all still believe was veterinary malpractice (ask us, and we'll tell you where NOT to take your animals!!! We're spreading the word.).  Bereft, they still felt the need to have a samoyed in their lives.  Their search brought them to Simba, and since August, Simba has lived the life of a king.