Hi my name is "Princi" it's short for "Princess". I am just about 2 years old. I have lived with my new Mom and Dad for about 14 months now. I used to live with an older man and lady. For some reason he didn't like me very much even though he bought me for the lady for a Christmas present. Maybe it was because I was a puppy and sometimes I would cause problems. He was home all day with me while the lady went to work - it wasn't a lot of fun. The lady didn't like how he treated me so she posted an ad to give me away. An angel named Erin saw the ad and took me home with her. She was very nice to me. She and a higher up angel named Maria found my new home for me. Now I have fun all the time. I get hugs and kisses whenever I want, even when I don't ask for them! I have two cats to chase when I get bored, and have learned to boat, sail, kayak, snowmobile and to float on an air mattress. I also have a! Grandma that spoils me! I have a wonderful life now.

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