Rescue Success Stories

Mooshka had run the streets of Milwaukee for a couple of years, until a woman who adopted him, decided after a year, that she just wasn't bonding with him. Mooshka thought his luck had finally changed in the spring of 1999 when he came into rescue and was adopted by what we all thought was a wonderful home. But in a few short months, his new family overfed him to the point of gaining a third of hiw body weight which proceeded to then stress out his hips. When he started having problems getting up, they decided they didn't want to have the obligation of the vet bills and care. How could rescue have been SO wrong? But even with careful screening, true commitment to a animal cannot be measured.

This family wanted to put Mooshka down "with dignity" because of his hips, despite only being around 5 years old. Like that was some kind of option???? In his next foster home, his confidence was again renewed, and with frequent exercise, and a weight loss program, he became the dog he should have been all along. Tracy and Dane from Decatur, IL found him on the website; loved his little face, his name, and his size, and were willing to give him his pain medication every day. Now we have a definition for adoptive homes like Tracy and Dane. They are called sammy angels. They allowed Mooshka to live with dignity!