Rescue Success Stories

Maria and Daniel lost their beloved boy, Albert Einstein, on August 26, 2000. The void has been immesurable but Albert's spirit continues to live in all the rescues that make their way to Wisconsin. He is the reason Playing Agains Sams of Wisconsin was ever founded. Shortly after Albert's death, we waited for another rescue to find us. We did not have to wait too long.

When Mickey arrived at the hum soc it was already his second time there in his very short life. About 3 months prior, the humane society in had gotten a complaint from a neighbor about a dog tied outside in the pouring rain with no shelter. They confiscated him and gave him food and shelter. unfortunately they had to give him back. But three months later he was surrendered by a relative of the owners saying he was never fed or taken care of and that to not to give the dog back.

Mickey was named by Daniel for Mickey Mantle. The communicator told us that Albert would send us a 3-4 month puppy and he would be the 7th dog of the seventh day. Mickey ended up being the 7th dog I placed since Albert died and he arrived to us on Oct. 7th. Daniel picked the name Mickey because 7 was Mickey Mantle's shirt number. Mickey was about a year old when he arrived, but he might as well be 3-4 mos. and if he continues growing, he will be **very** big. and so I look at my big galoomph puppy and say......"boy, next time around, nothing younger than 3 or 4 yo."

When he came to us, Laurie, his foster mom and our partner, said that he was shy but when I first laid eyes on Mickey, I couldn't begin to describe him. He was absolutely scared to death - not wanting to come out of the crate. She had him on a long line but once out of the car, he was like a white wolf - tail down, shoulders crouched and close to the ground, these big legs and feet, short coat, big ears, loping in every direction to get away. Within 24 hours though, he was starting to hold his head and tail up with pride. He's a very good boy though and he's very gentle with Knika which is the most important thing. His only shortcoming is that he gets wildly crazy and excited and enthusiastic when he sees other dogs sometimes so much so that he scares them off. But he wouldn't hurt a fly! And with obedience lessons and agility classes, Mickey's confidence continues to increase.

We call Mickey our "dog alert dog." He is very protective of Knika - 11.5 years his senior. He wakes us up in the middle of the night if Knika is experiencing any discomfort downstairs. He has earned his stay with that alone!