Rescue Success Stories

Lady still in shell-shock from being in the humane society shelter.
Lady with her new owner.

Lady (formerly known as Meeko) was brought to the vet by her horrible owners to be euthanized - a healthy dog and only 4 yo. Her crime? She had killed two fawns. Well, that was totally unacceptable to her owners to have that kind of dog. But let's not mention that the owners thought it was unnatural to have fences or to tie up a dog when outside. AND thought that it was not okay for a dog to kill a fawn but it was okay for them to kill their dog. The vet would not do the evil deed, and told the owners to take Lady to the humane society where she at least might have half a chance of getting out alive. She landed in the Sauk County H.S. where Melissa Jackson sprung her, brought her to Playing Again Sams in Milwaukee, helped groom her up and even microchipped her. She was quickly adopted by Kathleen in Appleton who wasn't too worried about her fawn killer reputation, saying she never saw many fawns in the city. Kathy searched and searched for an appropriate name, and chose Lady, because that is precisely what Lady was all along.