Rescue Success Stories

Audi on his favorite perch.
No, Boris, you may NOT have my bone.

Audi was surrendered at about 8-9 yo in June of 2000, because the family was moving into a home that only allowed 2 dogs. They had 3 and chose to give up Audi because he was the most "placeable." Probably also the oldest, but we won't go there. Audi was adopted by Deb in Madison, but before the adoption was official, Boris the cat, had to accept him into the pack. It didn't happen overnight, but within weeks, Boris was feeling comfortable enough to come out of the rafters first, then out of the basement, then tiptoeing around when Audi "pretended" to sleep, until finally he felt comfortable staring him in the eyes.

Comments from Audi's new owner:

Audi is doing well. He knows the rules of the house, and he's very cat-like in his philosophy - very much "don't get caught" rather than "don't do it." He knows he can get away with almost anything by just being cute, and he's really quite good at that. He is a serious food thief, and has gotten into some messy thing like powdered sugar and cornmeal (2 separate occasions). He loves his walks, and has quite a number of fans in the neighborhood. the retired folks especially like him. He's afraid of small children, but I don't have any, so it's fine.

His coat is continuing to grow in, and he's looking more filled out. I've never before met a dog who will roll over and offer his stomach to be brushed and combed during grooming. His eyes are clearing up a bit, too, though I suspect he'll always be a bit drippy. He's eating well (and very fast), but isn't putting on weight too fast - he's not skinny any more, but his energy level keeps him trim. When we go to the dog park, not a single person has believed me that he's 8 years old. Most think he's 1-2.

He's also doing better at the park. He gets a bit overstimulated and nervous if there are too many dogs around, but if we find another person and dog and walk with them, he feels quite free to go running all over, and always comes right back when I call. He also like to walk into the deep mud puddle before he drinks from them - of course.

The cats are pretty tolerant of his presence. They have recently begun jumping over him when he lies down in front of the bathroom door and they want in or out. Natasha was officially brave last week when she jumped over his head, twice. Audi seems quite taken with Boris, and Boris is getting to be ok with that. Audi walks up with his tail wagging, and Boris will usually stand there, or approach and sniff Audi's nose. Beast is pretty indifferent to the whole thing - he's too old to care. Natasha is still a bit miffed that she can't be the queen of the household any more, but she loves to settle down a little got away from Audi and just watch him. Her favorite drinking place is now his huge water bowl - she could sleep in it without touching the sides.

As for me, I'm quite happy to have him. Even when he does naughty messy things, I have a hard time staying mad long enough to even let him know that I don't want him doing that. Unfortunately, he knows that and uses it. Sometimes I wish he weren't so darned smart, but that's hardly a real complaint. He's a good dog, and I'm very happy with him. I think he's happy with me, too.