Rescue Success Stories

Sammy, after being placed.
Sammy and Dani.

In April, 1999 PASW was contacted about about Sammy, who, when the husband was giving him a bone, an altercation ensued, and Sammy lunged for the husband grazing his face. Never mind that Sammy was an absolute angel with the 3 year old boy. Sammy had to go. Sammy was independently evaluated and everyone agreed that he was a very nice dog, but hadn't been treated so well in his home. Dani was informed about Sammy's "problems" and was willing to take a chance with him. I got a couple letters after Sammy went to live with Dani saying, "Are you sure you sent us the right dog? Didn't you say he bit his other owners?" Needless to say, playful Sammy has forgotten his days of neglect.