Rescue Success Stories

"Chopper's" vacant eyes said it all.

Waiting for Santa. Keeper on lying on the right.
Keeper (on left) and Tucker living the pampered life.

In June of 1999, Playing Again Sams was alerted to a samoyed mix in a southern WI shelter. "Chopper" had been there for 4 months without anyone wanting her. She was 5 years old, had been an outdoor dog her entire life, had been bred a couple of times and was surrendered because the family was moving. Her vacant eyes said a lot. She was fostered for 3 months before Chris, from the Boston area found her. She had to have her because she looked so much like her dog, Tucker, that also had an unfortunate past. Midwest Express donated the flight and she has since been been living a life she so much deserved. Chris renamed her Keeper because that was exactly what she was.