Rescue Success Stories

Neeko (on left, cute as a button) and Misty reposing in the park.

Neeko (on left) and Misty in their formal portrait. Donna and David are so happy I suggested they adopt a male instead of another female. Neeko is still as cute as a button!

In April of 1998, a samoyed wandered into a kind woman's farm, 60 miles west of Madison, dragging a chain. This kind woman, convinced somebody had lost this wonderful boy, plastered her area with flyers, ads in the paper and ads on the radio. Nobody came forward so she called Playing Again Sams. He was put him on the lost and found page and still no one claimed him. She kept him for 3 weeks, had him vaccinated, and Marie Schulte picked him up and brought him to Milwaukee. His new owners, Donna and David, drove up from Kenosha and he ran to them when they appeared as if to say, "it's about time you got here!" Neeko and Misty became instant best friends.


You gave all of us a chance to rejoice in the goodness that he is. He brought out the best in all of the people who were lucky enough to meet him. Always a smile and a big ol' tail wagging in a big ol' circle. For a while there we thought that we had rescued him. In reality though HE rescued US! He showed us how to love in ways that we didn't know existed. We only had a few years with him but he has given us a lifetime of memories.

We have not "given up" on him, rather, we have accepted that for some reason God must need him more than we do. We know that he is going to a better place. We expect that when our time comes, if God deems us worthy, we will be greeted by that same smile and big ol' tail wagging in a big ol' circle. Maria we know that you have prayed for his health and for him to stay with us. For that we thank you. We believe it is now time to let Neeko go and pray for his little dog soul to be joined with Jesus Christ. Tonights prayers are for an eternity of happiness not just a few days, weeks. David, Donna, and Misty

Neeko (on the left in wedding photo) was rescued in May of 1998 at about 3 years old. He lived a very full, yet abbreviated life in the past 3 years. Only a week before his death, he was still full of life, but his kidneys just gave out. He was always "cute as a button," with the most beautiful golden eyes ever seen on a dog.