Rescue Success Stories

Nala recovering from a broken leg.
Nala with parents, Jim and Kathy, a day after she took Jim on the ride of his life skijouring. He went *splat* and broke his ski. Obiously, Nala suffers no ill effects of her near death experience.

Nala was owner surrendered with Simba in June of 1998. They were adopted together but after several months, her adoptive family felt that two dogs were more than they had bargained for. Nala had an incredible spirit and drive. While looking for another adoptive home for her, the little escape artist got out once too many and was almost killed on a busy road at rush hour. But Nala has had many guardian angels watching over her and she suffered only a broken leg. Surgery on her leg almost wiped out the meager funds of Playing Again Sams but the Sammy Angels stepped in and helped defray the cost of the pin in her leg. Then her guardian angels smiled again on this very special girl when Jim and Kathy fell in love with her. They took her home while she still had a cast on her leg, and her life has since turned into a fairy tale.