Rescue Success Stories

Winnie with her rescue "sister" Glacie- a Siberian Husky.

Anja and Alan are a long term foster home for Playing Again Sams. They recently rehabilitated Siberian Lily (on right) who had been a result of a puppy mill raid in Iowa. They also rescued their Siberian, Glacie from the Madison Humane Society.

Winnie was acting like a typical 4 month old sammy puppy when I was called to evaluate the dog because she was scaring the kids in the neighborhood with her exuberance. I spent a lot of time going to see the puppy and working with the parents so they would work with the dog and thus keeper. They were undecided about surrendering her, went back and forth, and told me they would call me when they had decided for sure. Instead, they dumped her in the humane society a month later. Luckily, Anja and Alan were waiting in the wings to give this exuberant, happy girl a most incredible home. Winnie has turned into the most aroohing sammy I have ever met! What a joy!!