Adoption Process

Ready to adopt a rescue Samoyed?

Thank you for contacting us in your search to adopt a Samoyed! PLAYING AGAIN SAMS OF WISCONSIN volunteers all have Samoyeds of our own and love the breed. We know what great companions Samoyeds are and we pride ourselves on striving to make the best match of dog to adoptive family.

The average rescued Samoyed costs our organization $250+ especially if they haven't yet been altered. Since we are a not-for-profit group, we do request a donation of $325. Dogs under 12 months old are $375 while senior adoption prices vary on the age and condition of the dog. All of our Samoyeds are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, fecal and heartworm tested, microchipped, and groomed prior to placement. Any monies not used directly for the dog that you are adopting go into a fund to be used for others with greater needs. We have taken in very sick dogs and dogs injured in accidents, requiring surgery or treatment amounting to several hundred dollars.

We are an all-volunteer organization limited by available funds and by the number of people able to foster dogs. If you would be interested in fostering or in volunteering in any other capacity, please let us know!

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued samoyed.

We have some adoption procedures in place for adopting rescue dogs through our group to help ensure a successful adoption. Here's an overview of the process:

  1. Application form. We need you to fill out this online application form to start the adoption process.
  2. Home visit. One of our representatives will arrange a time to visit you in your home. We want to make sure you have adequate living space for yourself and the dog, so you will all be comfortable with together.
  3. Matching a dog to your lifestyle. We get dogs throughout the year of various ages and with different upbringing and temperament. We'll try to match you with the dog that best meet your expectations.
  4. Follow-up home visits. One of our representatives will arrange for follow-up visits. Typically we try to arrange for a visit during the first 90 days of the adoption, and once a year after that.

Any further questions about samoyed rescue? Feel free to contact us, to inquire about adoption, or to just "talk Samoyeds". And should you care to help in other ways, we are always in need of volunteers. And foster homes are a special gift.